‘Tackling’ My Latest Project

People love secrets. There’s something primally perfect when you’re privy to a situation and you have to stop yourself from chanting I know something youuuuuu don’t know… I know something youuuuuu don’t know… to those surrounding you.

That being said, I’m not being coy when I tell you about my new project and the fact that I can’t give you any names involved with it. Discretion is the better part of valor, and fear of litigation is the better part of discretion, and I’m nothing if not discrete. However, I CAN tell you that I am currently working on a special bridal gown project for someone who works for a very local, very major, professional football team.

The bride-to-be in question – let’s call her Fiona the Football Fan – works at this organization’s front office with the official title of “Administrative Assistant – Pro Personnel.” Here’s how I got involved in Fiona’s nuptial journey:

Fiona came across a bridal gown that was being sold by another bride who for some reason never wore it. Unfortunately, she bought it based on photos and description only – she didn’t have a chance to try it on before she purchased it. But the opportunity to purchase a $2,600 dress for only $600 was too much of a lure to pass up.

Almost inevitably, the dress didn’t fit properly when it was delivered. The top was the perfect size, but the hips of the dress were too narrow for the accompanying hips of Fiona. As you can see from this photo, the gown is in what we call a mermaid style. The more discerning eye can also tell from the photo that there was no way in hell there was enough fabric for me to let it out on the seam. Creative alternatives were immediately launched.

What I ended up doing was to first insert godets (official New Webster’s Dictionary definition for you non-sewers: a triangular piece of material inserted in a dress, shirt, or glove to make it flared or for ornamentation) in the side seams at the hip. Next, it was a veritable treasure hunt as I went searching for a reasonable match to the silver appliqué. Improvisation, thy name is Singing Seamstress, and I think the finished product conveys the impression that the gown was always meant to look that way.

So, gentle readers, sound off! What’s a shining example of YOUR improvisation skills at the sewing machine?

Until next time!


P.S. Now, don’t think that my TEXAN adventure is done with the completion of this gown. Apparently other members of this organization have HUDDLED together and have asked me to buy YARDS of fabric and do some costume work on a special member of their squad… no BULL! More details as I can give ’em. 😉